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Secure Payments

Peace of mind with secure shopping

Wing Mirror Man operates a secure shopping experience. Wing Mirror Man continues to ensure that your online payment and personal information security is protecting you at all times. We use high security 256 bit encryption technology. This means you can shop with peace of mind knowing that you are using the most up to date security software available for online transactions on the Wing Mirror Man website.

We would also like to assure you that we make certain that the privacy and security of your personal and payment details are safe. Our security technology and that of our third party merchant transaction processes encrypts your personal information including your credit card details, name and address, to make certain that everything is unreadable as it is transmitted from us to you and vice-versa across the internet.


SSL 256bit securityFor added peace of mind you can check to see when a page is secure by looking for the padlock sign in the address bar of your browser and you will also see the 'http' will be replaced with 'https' in your browser address window, which indicating a secure connection between us, you and payment systems. For example: Click and small padlock will then appear in the bottom bar on the right hand side of your browser window or in the address bar where our website address is displayed.

To provide you with even more confidence in shopping online we are verified by HSBC Bank Business Merchant Services, Google Checkout and Paypal Merchant Payment Services. These systems are used by literally millions of websites worldwide to secure Internet transactions between the server and the customer.

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Wing Mirror Full Units

Wing mirror full units purchased from Wing Mirror Man fit right hand drive only vehicles. All other products including Replacement Glass, Covers and Stick on Glass fit left or right hand drive vehicles.
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